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her screams still echoing in your ears from our phone sex session

November 24, 2015

Oh the fun we had. MY dear dark friend, are her screams still echoing in your ears from our phone sex session? You see she was an innocent little girl. Preachers daughter to be exact. Daddy left her in charge of all of the little tiny sunday school kids, even though she herself was so […]

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Something a little fresh phone sex

November 2, 2015

Today while at the store I saw the most intriguing thing that got me craving Something a little fresh phone sex. You see there are always these carts that all but seem abandoned. Mommies just park their carts willy nilly not paying attention tot he most precious cargo in the front little seat while they go […]

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Deviant Phone Sex call

October 6, 2015

Good evening, are you feeling horny? Are you a sick fuck like me? You must be, that’s why you’re reading this now. If you enjoy my Blog you certainly will enjoy a Deviant Phone Sex call with me tonight. My hormones are raging tonight. Let’s get off together right now. My mind is full of […]

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torture phone sex

September 26, 2015

You said bring on the torture phone sex! haha Well you know I do have to agree with you that your stepdaughter is very cute. In fact she’s TOO cute! I bet she has a lot of little boys at school crushing on her. How couldn’t she? Just look at that very tight body she’s […]

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the most fucked up phone sex blog in human history

September 11, 2015

Today I sat down to write the most fucked up phone sex blog in human history. You see yesterday I had an amazing call with a dear friend of mine. He is a regular phone sex customer of mine and he likes it when I push the envelope a little further each time. This past […]

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little pet phone sex slut

September 6, 2015

Oh my little pet phone sex slut came over yesterday. You see he tries his damnedest to be a good little boy. But he is one of the worse pets I think I have ever had. Today when he comes over he does not even try to avert his eyes. He stares amazingly directly into […]

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August 28, 2015

Oh how a promise is worth one thousand words. I promised in the extreme hunting blog I would touch on a subject that I have since received a lot of requests for. Are you ready for something to eat during phone sex? I think tonight we are going to find us something more delicate for […]

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kill your wife for phone sex

August 14, 2015

Oh how adorable, you crawled your way into chat. You found my website searching only god knows what. You waited like a good puppy for me then you dropped the bomb. You have a wife. Damn, that does suck.. for her. You see when you told me this I knew what I needed to do. […]

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Deadliest Hunt Phone Sex

August 1, 2015

Oh so I heard you are a hunter. Sport? Meat? Trophy? Personally I am a trophy hunter. Care do join me for a round of Deadliest Hunt Phone Sex? You see I have a feeling deep in my gut. I need to kill something. Not for sport or even to eat it (although eating your kill […]

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hot anal phone sex

July 24, 2015

Your favorite butt slut has returned to talk about some hot anal phone sex that Esther and I had the other night. I hope that you guys remember how much I love butt busting fun, especially when you add Jenna to the mix. Honestly, I usually like to be on the receiving end, but our caller […]

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